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Brennan Recovery knows that when a client is dealing with substance abuse, it can be extremely difficult to determine where to turn in order to get the recovery support they need.


At our drug rehab clinic, we are committed to providing as many clients as possible with the impeccable addiction recovery care that earned us our sterling reputation.


At our substance abuse treatment facility, we provide all of our clients with a personalized plan for addiction recovery care.


When you’re ready to face your addiction and come out on top, we’re waiting to provide you with the tools you need!

About Brennan Recovery

When you enter our drug addiction treatment center, you’ll begin by meeting with one of our friendly and well-trained staff members.

They’ll conduct an interview with you that will assess the various elements of your addiction, asking you questions about your history of addiction, how you first came to use your substance of choice, and any history of addiction that your family might have.

What Breannan Recovery can offer you

Supervised Detox

You may question whether or not every question is relevant, but rest assured that the information we gather during this interview will be integral in the formulation of your comprehensive and customized plan for addiction recovery treatment.

Group & Individual Therapy

This information is essential, because the details we gather during the intake interview will then be used to create a personalized plan for addiction recovery treatment for each of our clients.

Dual Diagnosis

This customized plan will identify the areas where you need special support, and afford you treatment accordingly. We know that each individual faces their own unique set of challenges as they work toward their recovery goals, and we want to ensure that we can provide them with the support they need.

Aftercare Services

In order to accomplish this, we afford all of our clients with a personalized care plan based on the information we learn during the intake interview.

It is time for a new beginning.
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