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If you or a loved one are suffering from substance abuse, one of the hardest things to do is taking the first step towards recovery. The two most important things that anyone who wants to achieve lasting sobriety can do is recognize that there is a problem. The second most important step is to resolve to do something about it.

The bad news is that, like interventions, there is little that can be done to convince someone with a substance abuse problem that they actually have a problem. Even if they can be convinced that their drug or alcohol use is, in fact, detrimental to their lives, only they can resolve to do anything about it.

However, the good news is that once you do decide to fight the addiction, you have more highly effective options to treat it than any time before. Brennan Recovery drug rehab centers offer one of the best choices for those who are serious about lasting recovery. Using an evidence-based treatment model, with highly trained, professional staff, our addiction recovery program in Austin, Texas provides our clients the tools they need to achieve total and lasting sobriety.

Below, we'll take a look at what our clients can expect when they choose a substance abuse treatment facility within our network.

Detox comes first

One of the most difficult steps for those suffering from substance abuse is the detoxification process. This involves completely ridding the body of all drugs of abuse. Our drug detox clinic in Austin is staffed by trained professionals, who are capable of overseeing detox for clients who are abusing any kind of drug.

One thing the client should know is that not all detoxifications are created equal. Someone who is abusing non-opioid pain killers, for example, may have a very simple detoxification process that only lasts one or two days and involves little more than waiting.

However, those who are addicted may have a more complex period of withdrawal. These cases will likely require close monitoring and intensive care. Our staff has handled thousands of such cases and is fully capable of safely carrying out detoxifications in even the most complex cases. There's no safer place to get sober than in our Austin drug rehab facility.

Differential diagnosis can help design effective treatments

Once the client has been successfully purged of all drugs from the body, they will enter the next step of the addiction recovery process. Our addiction recovery center in Austin employs certified psychologists, who meet with our clients to determine if there are any underlying mental illnesses contributing to the problems with addiction. In mental health parlance, this search for concomitant mental health issues is known as dual diagnosis, and it plays a crucial role in tailoring effective treatments to each individual client.

Someone who is suffering from bipolar disorder and abusing drugs is likely suffering from substance abuse as a direct result of self-medication. This will factor heavily into the design of the treatment for that client. Up to 50 percent of all people suffering from substance abuse have underlying mental conditions. Therefore, it is extremely important to recognize and treat them.

Recovery through strong community

Our addiction recovery facility in Austin, Texas is designed to create a strong community, where clients experience a high level of trust. The addiction treatment center holds many group activities designed to foment strong bonds between clients and between the staff and clients. The Brennan Recovery addiction treatment facility is a place where clients can form lasting friendships and bonds. These can be a crucial factor in maintaining a lasting recovery.