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The decision to enter detox is major and will have a huge impact on your health and life. You will enter a drug detox clinic in New York City and receive the treatment you need to overcome this. It's the right decision, and we here at the addiction recovery center in New York will provide the respect and care you need and deserve.

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Center

It’s important when considering an addiction treatment facility in New York City to make sure that a supervised detox plan is in place. We offer a dual diagnosis treatment plan because it is comprehensive and treats the whole person. Treating the whole person and identifying any disorders that are co-existing with your substance abuse is important to identify psychiatric and other disorders that may affect the recovery effort.

Addiction Treatment Facility

All facilities are not created equal. Our substance abuse treatment facility in New York follows the highest standards of care and cleanliness. You will be safe under professional care at all times as you embark on this journey.

Community within Our Addiction Recovery Center

The community you will find inside our walls will become as important to you as the rehabilitation plan itself. Your fellow clients will function as your counselors, mentors, examples of perseverance and, ultimately, friends. As you recover, helping others will contribute to your continued progress.

The Process at Our Drug Detox Clinic

When you enter our addiction recovery facility in New York City, you will be assessed both physically and mentally to determine the best course of treatment. Your life and thoughts have been consumed by your drug of choice for too long. We are here for you at this critical stage, and we will find the balance that will best for your situation.

Supervised addiction recovery and detox will not be easy, but you will be in a safe and comfortable environment. We encourage honest sharing of the emotions and thoughts you are experiencing. We will support you and make you as comfortable as possible. You're separated from family and friends during a difficult time, but this can lead to a new beginning.

As part of the detox process, you will participate in individual and group therapy to learn to reprogram the pleasure center of your brain. We will help you to discover the roots of your addiction and take corrective action toward recovery. Your community at our drug rehab facility in New York City will share struggles and insights that will give you strength and motivation.

A common element of addiction are the broken relationships it creates. These will be addressed, and you will learn strategies to repair, heal and strengthen those relationships. In some cases, family therapy may be appropriate. Your treatment doesn't end when you leave our facility. We will offer referrals to help you as you continue to progress in rebuilding your life.

Your physical well being contributes to your successful recovery. You will be assessed for nutritional deficiencies and given appropriate food and vitamin strategies to regain health. You will be assessed for any damage done to your body by substance abuse. The more you take care of yourself, the more you will want to continue to take care of yourself.

Aftercare for Continued Progress

Aftercare may consist of continuing a support group or participating in financial, marital or family counseling. You may need help with job applications, job placement or assistance with legal matters. Pursuing these options will contribute to your continued recovery.

It takes courage to admit you have a problem and to walk into an addiction recovery program. We don't take that lightly. The Brennan Recovery drug rehab centers in New York City and around the country offer individualized and unique dual diagnosis treatment plans catered to your needs. You will be treated with the respect you deserve for pursuing this difficult course of action. In time, the broken pieces that were your life will become a mosaic that reflects the new life you've worked toward and achieved.