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When it’s time for you or a loved one to get treatment for drug addiction, you want to find the best addiction treatment center available. Brennan Recovery has a drug rehab facility in Boston, Massachusetts that provides clients with a thorough and comprehensive addiction recovery program. Discover the specific features that make Brennan Recovery a reliable choice for individuals suffering from addiction to drugs.

Supervised, Compassionate Treatment

The counselors and addiction specialists at our rehab in Boston supervise clients as they move through the detox stage of recovery. Clients are monitored and kept as comfortable as possible as drugs leave the body. The counselors and therapists working in our Boston substance abuse treatment facility recognize the challenges involved in detoxing and are there to offer each client useful support.

Making a Dual-Diagnosis

Sometimes a client is dealing with a mental health condition in addition to a substance abuse issue. For instance, a client may be suffering from depression and an addiction to drugs. In fact, the client’s addiction to drugs may have come about as a way to cope with depression. Or, a client may be suffering from bipolar disorder along with an addiction. The counselors and therapists at Brennan Recovery work to make a dual-diagnosis, if necessary, in an effort to pave the way for a client’s long-term recovery. If a client receives a dual-diagnosis, he or she will have an individual treatment program that addresses both issues.

Recovery in a Safe Place

Our addiction recovery facility in Boston provides clients with a safe place to go through all the steps of treatment. Our team of professionals recognizes the importance of feeling at ease and secure while working through issues that led to an addiction to drugs. Clients can work on their issues and receive therapy in a place where they feel comfortable.

Support of Your Peers

At Brennan Recovery, no one goes through drug treatment and recovery alone. Clients in our addiction recovery center give one another support and encouragement as they cope with many of the same challenges. Receiving the support of one’s peers as well as the guidance of trained counselors contribute to a person’s recovery from drug addiction. Even after leaving the treatment center, many clients continue to receive support with those they met during their recovery. A casual friend made during drug addiction recovery can turn into a life-long friendship.

Individual Treatment Programs

The best drug rehab centers are the ones that believe in treating each individual personally. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan for an addiction to drugs. At Brennan Recovery, each client is evaluated based on his or her own specific needs. This allows counselors to create a treatment program that focuses on helping the client with his or her unique challenges. Plus, the treatment plan will be adjusted if necessary to continue to serve the client and move him or her toward recovery.

An Effective Treatment Process

At our addiction treatment facility in Boston, each client’s program involves detox, therapy and aftercare. All of these elements are important in successful, lasting recovery. Aftercare is particularly essential in a client’s treatment. Aftercare may take the form of follow-up individual therapy sessions after the person has completed the program. Or, aftercare may take the form of continued group therapy for a client. In short, our drug detox clinic doesn’t stop caring for a client once he or she completes the program. We are invested in your continued success in leading a life free of drugs.

Finally, Brennan Recovery and all of our dedicated professionals want to see you lead a life without physical or emotional dependence on drugs. This is why we’ve worked so hard to create a thorough addiction treatment program. Contact our addiction treatment center in Boston, Massachusetts today and start on the path to a better life.