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What is Addiction?

Drug addiction is a condition where the brain and body develop a tolerance for a substance after prolonged use, resulting in a compulsion to use that takes over their lives. While an individual may understand that they have an addiction, they may still feel compelled to abuse drugs. When individuals have a substance abuse problem, it inevitable results in a negative influence on their careers and relationships.


Many times, those with an addiction avoid seeking help for several reasons such as embarrassment or fear of detox. However, treatment is the only way those with an addiction have the best chance of a successful recovery. At Brennan Recovery, our Salt Lake City, Utah substance abuse treatment facility, we offer clients everything that is needed to successfully recover.


When individuals leave Brennan Recovery drug rehab center, we recommend they take part in the aftercare program provided by our addiction recovery center, which can provide ongoing support. Our Salt Lake City, Utah addiction recovery center offers a variety of amenities and services to help clients stay comfortable for the duration of their treatment.


Treatment Programs Offered


We offer clients inpatient and outpatient options. The difference between inpatient and outpatient programs is that clients will reside at Brennan Recovery substance abuse treatment facility for the duration of treatment with inpatient programs, and clients who choose our outpatient programs will reside at home but attend therapy at our addiction treatment clinic.


Outpatient Programs


Some of our clients choose outpatient programs because they offer the opportunity to uphold personal obligations. However, clients in outpatient programs will need to check-in daily for therapy, but many times these sessions will become less frequent as clients progress through the rehabilitation process.


Inpatient Programs


Those who choose our inpatient programs will reside at our drug rehab center for various durations of time. Inpatient treatment programs are beneficial for those with a chronic or recurring addiction. With inpatient treatment, clients are provided with constant care.




When clients enter Brennan Recovery, our Salt Lake City, Utah drug rehab facility, they will start the rehabilitation process by going through detoxification. Detox is a crucial step in the rehab process because the body will restore itself to a healthy state after purging the remnants of substance abuse from their body. Because detox can be dangerous, individuals should always be monitored during this stage, which is why we carefully supervise each client throughout detoxification.


Unique Treatment Plans


We offer each client a unique treatment plan, which is imperative for successful recovery. Although those with an addiction share the same uncontrollable behavior, but the contributing causes of addiction are different depending on the person.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment


Our addiction recovery facility offers dual diagnosis treatment to those with can benefit from it. For those with co-occurring disorder, which occurs when the client has a co-occurring mental health disorder that has an effect on their substance abuse. In order for treatment to be effective, co-occurring mental disorders should be treated concurrently with the addiction.


Behavioral Therapy


Behavioral therapy is offered through group, individual, and aftercare counseling sessions. Therapy sessions at our Salt Lake City, Utah addiction treatment center provide clients with educational resources that focus on long-term sobriety and relapse prevention. Our therapy sessions use the most innovative and effective methods to help clients recover in a peaceful and positive manner. Group and individual therapy will be carried out at the rehab facility, and aftercare therapy will begin when clients leave our facility after initial treatment concludes.


When you’re ready to begin working toward recovery, contact the friendly experts at Brennan Recovery.